It’s been a while

So it’s been a while since I have updated the diary on any regular basis and I have to say I have missed it. Part of me felt it just wasn’t needed any more because for the lack of a better word Vivian has found some moderate success with 2 monthly shows, but then I realized that doesn’t really matter. The whole reason behind the diary was to journal my life as a drag queen husband well that doesn’t stop with regular gigs. Now there are times I wish it would but here I am believe it or not 8 years later not only hauling Vivian’s bags around Columbus, but mine as well.

No the Mister has not start performing, but since I DJ all the shows, I have to bring my laptop along with the cordless mics. You see Vivian hates and when I say hate I mean HATES corded mics. So from her very first Brunch at Circus 4 years ago we have had our own cordless mics, which we had to replace twice so far. Just a couple of months ago the corded mics didn’t work at the PMS Show and neither Vivian or I was very happy about.

That brings us to Vivian’s shows, since I have been gone for some time you may not know what shows Vivian currently hosts monthly. Well the first one is our baby it’s the Three Queen Drag Brunch. Some of you may remember this particular show started out at Circus Bar & Grill 4 years ago, but when that location closed we moved brunch to King Ave 5 and we couldn’t be happier. It’s a great space and staff is incredible to work with. That show is always the fourth Sunday of the month unless there is holiday then we move it to the third. If you want to know more about this show click on this link, like the page and you be kept up to date on when brunch is, who Vivian’s guests are what the monthly charity is.

The second monthly show Vivian hosts is The PMS Show at Mikey’s Late Night Slice Downtown on 4th Street. Like the page and you can keep up to date on guests, dates and charities. This show Vivian co-hosts with Samantha Rollins, these two together are like nothing else you have more than likely experience and I’m not exaggerating there at all.

Besides these two monthly shows you can find Vivian going live with her new gig of selling Tupperware. These live shows vary and the best way to know when Vivian is going to live is to friend her on Facebook.

To more Diary entries very soon.