July’s Fourth Weekend

Yes, my Vivettes I know this is a day late but damn I was wiped out yesterday from the weekend.

It was that special time where both of the Von Bs’s monthly shows : The Queens & Weiners Show and the Three Queen Drag Brunch sync up and are the same weekend.¬† So that means yours truly was not only dragscaping but fulfilling my drag husband duties all weekend and I have to say it’s worth it.

Yes I’m sure that confuses some of you especially with my ENDLESSLY complaining about Vivian but when it comes right down to it’s weekends like this past one that makes it so worth it. Both shows were completely sold out and seeing Vivian do what she does so well makes me so happy. Plus I finally realized after these two shows that Vivian really connects with people. She has the ability to make individuals forget what ever is weighing on them for a few hours and just have fun. There is something special about that and honestly who am I to stand in the way of that. I think that connection has always been there but I was too focused on what we needed to do to make Vivian stand out since she doesn’t dance. However I finally realized¬† what makes Vivian stand out is the connection she makes with people and her honesty about life.

My eyes have also been opened to the amount of joy Vivian gets out of being Vivian. This was also something I wasn’t seeing because I was too focused on making Vivian unique and different. Well just like her connection with people and honestly, the amount of fun Vivian is having makes her stand out. Drag for Vivian is about fun pure and simple. She always says once it is no longer fun she’ll stop and I truly believe that. Vivian has no desire to compete for a crown or try to be the most popular queen or have the most amount of shows in town. She just wants to entertain people and have a good time while doing that.

To me that is all very unique and something I finally comprehend. So Vivian here’s to you and the joy you are bringing to the world.