Kick Off

Well my Vivettes, Columbus Pride officially kicked off this past weekend for the Von Bs and let me it say it was a fantastic way to get Pride started.

It all started Friday night for a Drag/Non Drag night. Regular readers of the dairy know what I mean when I say that. For those not familiar with it let me explain quickly. Simply put it means that even though Vivian was not in face Friday night our evening was still centered on drag.

It started with our friend Nancy Smetlzer’s art opening at RAW Gallery on Main St. This art exhibit featured paintings of local Drag Queens painted by Nancy and several of her artist friends. Let me say every one of these painting are quite stunning. I highly recommend you check this out before it is too late and while you are there consider purchasing one or two. There is even one of Vivian that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Later in the evening Vivian and I attended Hellin Bedd’s Zodiac show at The Barracks. As always when Vivian and Hellin are in the same room no one knows what may happen and Friday night was no exception. I would have to say the highlight of the evening was when Hellin was teasing Deva Station about falling during her number and immediately after that Hellin feel during hers. That Karma is a real BITCH. Deva, being the classy one, said “Well perhaps that wasn’t a fall, but Hellin’s death drop.” To which Vivian replied, “If that was her death drop her life flashed before her eyes!”

Saturday night The Trio of Trouble (Vivian, Hellin and Samantha Rollins) were at Cavan Irish Pub. What can I say when these 3 get together? It’s always interesting and the banter back and forth is worth the price of admission (free). The highlight of the evening for me was when Hellin was performing Abba’s “Mamma Mia” and Vivian was mirroring her in the audience. Mr. Bedd and I really want to see Vivian and Hellin do a dueling Mamma Mia number. Hopefully we will be able to make that happen very soon.

Sunday night it was the OFFICIAL start of Pride with Hellin Bedd’s Kaleidoscope of Colors show. This show has become an annual tradition for not only the Von Bs but Columbus as a whole. It’s a very entertaining way to kick off pride and last night was no exception. I have to say I was a little worried about Vivian and her numbers, but as always not only did she surprise but she impressed me.

A HUGE Congratulations to the BEDD’s for a fantastic kick off to Pride.

The Von Bs would also like to send another congratulations to David Robins and Michael Bodmer who celebrated 17 years together yesterday. You are an inspiration to the ENTIRE community.

Happy Pride Columbus!!!!