Last Wednesday

So it has been a few weeks since I given my Vivettes an update on living with Vivian….lol.

So let me tell you about last week’s Top Shelf Wednesdays at the Axis Lounge…….Vivian got DRUNK!!!! Yes you read that correctly. Vivian drank a little too much and was feeling good. Everyone there was a little surprised to see Miss Vivian tipsy. Most of the people there have never seen it so they don’t know how “Relax” Vivian becomes when she has a few drinks in her. By the time Suicide Drag came around I think Vivian was feeling no pain and she was just going with. It is actually a side of Vivian that would come out more often and without the drinks. It was a joy to see Vivian “let her hair down” and just have fun. So every one that attends Top Shelf Wednesdays in the future be sure to get Vivian a shot or two or three and she’ll put on one hell of a show for you.