MAC Cosmetics

So those bastards at Mac Cosmetics went and released a Wonder Woman line of make up and I’m not happy about  it. 😉

Why do you ask, because I am a comic book freak and this gives Vivian leverage on me for make up purchases. It already has started too.

You see when I was doing my Valentine’s Day shopping I stumbled upon the Wonder Woman line at the MAC counter in Macy’s. So I figured it would be fun to get Vivian a Valentine’s Day gift as well. So I stopped and explained that my husband was a drag queen and asked for suggestions. Well I purchased Vivian an eyeliner pen to help with her eye make-up. So far she seems to like, so I done good…LOL.

Well that little eyeliner pen has now led to a Wonder Woman Tote Bag, Lipstick, Cosmetic Bag and soon to be brush set and eye shadows.

After Vivian received the eye liner pen she went to website and told me about the Tote Bag so I was like okay order it. I have to say the Tote Bag is extremely cool. Viv said that this way I won’t be embarrassed carrying it for her since it is comics. LOL

Then last night Vivian wanted to stop at Macy’s for eye shadow for tonight’s performance. Yes, you are correct we always seem to need to purchase something for a Vivian number. More on that in a later post. While we talking to the girl at the Mac counter, we started talking about the Wonder Woman line and we learned that on-line there are brush sets and that items are selling out quickly. So of course we need to pick up a few things last night, so a simple trip to pick up one eye shadow let to purchasing 3 items.

This trip also lead to a discussion this morning about the brush sets. Vivian found one that she likes and would be useful which I’m completely fine with. Well of course it is priced .50 cents shy of free shipping. So Vivian suggested purchased a Wonder Woman compact mirror to receive free shipping. So of course I’m thinking the mirror and shipping were the same price. Of course not the mirror is more than the shipping. To me that makes no sense, and I tell Vivian just to pay the shipping. Vivian does not like to pay for shipping. Now she loves shopping on line but shipping costs is something she does not like. Me I don’t care if it’s only available on line shipping is a necessary evil.

Since we couldn’t agree on what to do, Vivian decided to wait and order the brush set when she recieves a free shipping email. Hopefully that will before the brushes sell out. Because if those brush set sell out before Vivian can order hers, we all know it will be my fault. LMAO

To MAC Cosmetics, I know you did a Disney Villian Line of cosmetics, I think you need to do a Villian line from Marvel Comics and DC Comics too.

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