More Work

So my Vivettes I almost forgot to tell you Vivian is working on 3 new costumes for a fellow queen. She is slowly becoming the designer for the Drag Stars of Columbus, OH 😉 I can dream can’t I?

Actually I very excited for her, every costume Vivian makes whether it is for her or a client just improves her skills. Which is a very good thing consider I just purchased her another sewing machine. If you are keeping count this will be the fourth machine. The official count is 1 serger and once this new one is delivered 3 sewing machines.  This new  one is a heavy duty machine and since Vivian has such an extreme figure, heavy duty probably isn’t a bad thing. LOL

So if you are a queen in Columbus and are looking for some new costumes hit Vivian up and see what she may be able to do for you. You can email her at