Well yesterday Vivian and I planned out some numbers for her to use. We planned out 3 numbers, 2 will be used next month in Britney Blaire’s “As Seen On TV” show at Wall Street Night Club, November 20th. Mark your calendar with this date, the two numbers planned for this are not to be missed. In my opinion they will stretch Vivian’s comedic talents. That is of course if you find Vivian funny, which most people seem to.

 Of course both of these numbers will entail song mixing on my part, and not just two songs together but adding clips along with mixing multiple songs together. I’m up for the challenge, however it more than likely means I will have to do these mixes multiple times. Vivian can be one finicky BITCH. 😉 Sorry honey it’s true. The last time I did any mix this complex for Vivian I lost count of how many times I had to move clips around so she was happy with the transition. At least this time I shouldn’t have to split a song into 12 different parts, well I hope not.

 As for the third number, let’s just say I’m getting a jump start on something I hope Vivian gets to use this year. Last year I had to redo a similar mix 4 times until it suited Vivian. This year I figured I just have it ready, in case she needs it.

 Also planning on numbers for One Queen, Two Queen, Red Queen, Blue Queen have begun as well and beginning to take shape. I’m very excited for this show.

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