Queen, DOWN!!!

Imagine a world without Vivian. Now for some that may be a good thing and others it wouldn’t be. For that I’m going to plead the fifth. However on Saturday night that almost happened. Okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic but Saturday night Vivian did have a small mishap. After her first number she was stepping off the stage and the step she stepped down own flip causing Vivian to stumble and almost come crashing down on the floor. Some would say it would have been the death drop of all death drops.

Luckily Vivian was not injured. She ended up with some sore toes but there was a causality. Vivian’s nude heels were ripped had to be disposed of the following morning. Now I say the following morning because believe it not this was the first time Vivian only brought one pair of heels. Yes I know shocking, but it happened. To get through her other two numbers though we had to break out a drag queens favorite tool, DUCT TAPE, and as luck would have it Vivian uses nude duct tape. So we taped up her shoe and Vivian finished out the night.

Now I have to say I didn’t really see how it all went down but as soon as I heard the room gasp and saw Vivian stumbling I was up out of my chair and across the room lighting fast. I think I even shoved a few people out of my way so if I did please forgive me, but when it comes to Vivian and the thought of her being injured I have a one track mind.

As for the nude heels that didn’t make it out alive. One will live on in a future painting of mine hopefully.