Well it’s has been very quiet in the House of Brokenhymen as you can tell from the lack of diary entries. Some of that changed over the weekend. Vivian was given a mannequin for her Jabber Jaw costume by a friend (Thank you Mr. DeMontreal), so she spent some time at Wonder Viv Studio yesterday organizing and moving Jabber Jaw over there.
I have to say I’m extremely happy about this. I believe that was the last piece of drag that was in the house. My dining room is completely back…YEA. Now I need to just start working on the house again so we can start entertaining again. I’m actually looking forward to that; the entertaining part not working on the house. LOL

 I also started working on a new mix for Vivian that she will be performing to in Britney BlairE’s As Seen on TV November 20th at Wall Street Night Club. It’s not finished but it’s about 90 % done. I worked on it while Vivian was at CGMC’s rehearsal so of course there were tweaks once Vivian got home and gave it a listen. Isn’t there always?  LOL

I have a second mix I need to start and finish as well. Hopefully I will be able to finish both this evening.

Vivian will also be performing November 6 at Wall Street Night Club as well. I believe this is just a good ole drag show no theme just a bunch of fun girls performing and having a good time. As of this morning no requests for new mixes, I believe Vivian will be performing some numbers she has done at other locations.

So you have 2 chances to see Vivian over the next 4 weeks. So mark you calendars and gather friends and come see my favorite girl work the Wall Street Stage!! While you are marking your calendar, mark March 11 2012 as well. Vivian’s first production show One Queen, Two Queen, Red Queen, Blue Queen will be making its debut at Wall Street Night Club. We have some fabulous entertainers lined up for this show and it is going to be a GOOD TIME.

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