So this past Friday it was Art + Drag for Michael at Circus and it has taken me a few days to reflect on that night. This was a benefit the Von Bs teamed with You Will Rise an anti bullying organization our friend artist, Paul Richmond co-founded, to raise money for Michael Morones.  A 11 year old boy from North Carolina who was bullied so severely over his love of My Little Pony that he felt his only option was to attempt suicide. His attempt was unsuccessfully but sadly he had been left with brain damage.

When our friend Paul heard of this story You Will Rise began a project called Art for Michael, where individuals could submit art of any kind to show their support for Michael. The response was nothing short of amazing. Artwork came from all over the world.

When I heard of Michael’s story and what Paul started I wanted to do something to help. Especially since I was bullied when I was younger. So I contacted Paul and suggested a fund raiser of some sort. Well that little suggestion turned into something larger than any of thought possible. By the the time May 30th came around we had sponsors, sold all available seating and were able to fly Michael’s mom Tiffany Morones-Suttle up fore the event. You see all the art work which was submitted was collected and printed into a book to present to Tiffany.

So that brings us to Friday night May 30th, I’ll be honest I still don’t know how to correctly put into words what the event meant to me. Everyone involved and trust me this event was a HUGE GROUP EFFORT did such an incredible job. This event meant so much not only to those who helped put it on but those that attended. Bullying is something that has affected so many of us and no one; girl, boy, straight or gay should be a victim of it. For me this event was the city of Columbus, Ohio standing up and saying to every bully in the world NO MORE. We will no longer allow you to have power of those you bully.

To everyone who participated thank you very much for support and everything you did.

To Paul Richmond thank you for inspiring me to take a stand.

To Vivian as always I love you and you are my light.

To Tiffany what can I say. You are dealing with something that would destroy the average individual and using it to help and inspire others. You are a real hero!!!!!

To the bullies out there NO MORE!!!!!! It stops NOW!!!!!