Guess what I got to do last night with Vivian? Shopping, and let me tell you I do NOT like shopping. I do not like shopping for myself and especially dislike shopping for HAIR, Drag Merchandise and Antiques.

Well last night was 2 out of the 3. We had to drive up and pay for the antique dining room set Vivian decided we needed for the house. Don’t get me wrong it is gorgeous but I love the one we have. The new one will fit the house better and has matching pieces which is a plus, but as stated previously I worry about money…LOL.

After we paid for the dining room set and loaded four chairs into Vivian’s SUV, yes folks the 7 foot + drag queen drives a SUV…LOL, and we are half way home Vivian realizes she needed more hair for the wig she is sewing for the Ho Sho 666. So of course she had to turn around and go to Infinity. For those of you who have never been to Infinity it is an experience to say the least. There are two in Columbus OH and neither of them are in the best part of town. If you want a new experience check one out.

So of course Vivian can’t just run in and get the the two packs of hair she needs to finish the wig she is working on. NOOOOO she had to purchase two more packs for another wig she wants to sew. Can some one please tell me why she needs another wig? I don’t know why and to be honest neither does Vivian. Remember in an earlier post when I said don’t try to get between a drag queen and something she wants, well this was one of those times. Now the hair isn’t expensive at all, only .99 cents but I look at as if you don’t have any upcoming shows where you will need it why bother. The response to that is I will, so I just let her do what she wants, it keeps her happy and me out of the dog house for a short period of time.

After she grab that hair she showed me purple hair she wants to make a wig out of for a purple dress she has. Once again I said “When are you going to perform in that?” and once again the response was “I will.”…LOL. So the only had one pack of the purple hair and Vivian wanted to try and find more. At this point we have been in the store 10 minutes and I ready to leave. So I had to convince Vivian she can come back later when they get more in to purchase the purple hair. That actually worked, I was shocked.

For any straight boys out there that may be reading this blog I’m sure you can feel my pain.