It’s official my Vivettes, Vivian is trying to KILL ME!!!!!

We spent 6.5 hours over at Wonder Viv Studios today; painting, cutting wood and organizing. I’m so tired it’s not even funny. I cut down 20 2 x 4s to fit the shelves. I will say it was made so much easier with the chop saw and stand we purchased over a year ago and haven’t used..LOL. I’m so glad Vivian listened to me and we took it over to the Studio. LMAO (That was for you Vivian)

The doors to the studio are now painted along with the outside wall. Vivian also painted the letters that will go on the outside wall. Those I’m sure will be hung Monday night. 😉

Now I can’t say today went without incident there was a little bit of lets call it a disagreement. I did not agree with Vivian that some of the shelves needed touched up. Especially since the ones Vivian wanted to touch up were going to be filled with boxes. But say it with me now “It’s Vivian’s World and we all just live in it”. So what probably could have been a 4  hour day took 2 hours longer because of course we both had to be stubborn. I said I wasn’t painting the shelves and  once I calmed down and offered to paint them Vivian wouldn’t let me. STUBBORNESS is not an unknown concept to either of us.

We were able to get at least half, if not more, of the storage items off the floor and onto the shelves so the space if really feeling open now. Maybe another 10 2 x 4s, if that, and we will have everything off the floor, that is staying in the Studio. There are some items over there currently that we don’t really know what we are going to do with. So we figured it was easier to take them there and not the house.

Speaking of the house it is slowing coming back to normal. Jabber Jaw is still there along with some cabinets but I would say it is only another week or two and I will have it back. NO MORE DRAG in the house….YEA!!!!

Now I will say even with all my constant bitching about the amount of work and money Wonder Viv Studios is taking, it is coming along very nicely. With what we have done already it has improved 100 %. If you are interested in seeing it come out on Thursday August 4th from 1130 – 330, 400 West Rich is having an open house.

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