Stadium Virginium

For those of my readers who live in Columbus Ohio, if you did not attend Stadium Virginium this past weekend, you missed one hell of a show.

Virginia West and company put on a show filled with rock anthems from the 80s that kept the crowd singing and rocking all night long.

A good time was had by all who attended. Vivian and I attended the 10 pm show Saturday night show and the Sunday night show. Both nights the cast of Stadium Virginium delivered. I will say though the energy on Sunday night was a lot higher than Saturday night. This however is completely understandable for two reasons.

 1) The 10 pm Saturday night show was the second one of the evening. Yes the girls performed twice on Saturday night once at 7 pm and again at 10 pm. No one can say this cast does not work hard to entertain their fans.  So it is understandable that these girls were a little tired for the second show. They were tired but they still delivered the goods and I know I could not do what they do.

2) Sunday’s night show was being taped for a documentary on Drag Queens and Drag Kings so these were on top of their game and they delivered on a completely different level than I have seen in the past. The director of the documentary picked the right girls to spotlight in their movie. There is no one in the country that does what the West Family does.

Every time I see this cast perform I am completely blown away. I have no idea how they consistently come up with these amazing  ideas and continue to deliver on the level they do. These girls do it for the love of the art and you can see it every time they perform.

Congratulations to everyone involved with Stadium Virginium!!! As always you hit it out of the park. I can’t wait for the next West Family show.

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