So as all you should know, because you are reading the blog religiously, Vivian has been involved in drag for just over a year now. For the most part I can say I am completely comfortable being married to a Drag Queen. We have met some fantastic people and Vivian and I have a blast planning her numbers. Yes there are some low spots, the arguments, the politics, dragzilla and did I mention the arguments…LOL.

However I have to say the one thing I’m still uncomfortable with is the drag shopping. You see as I have said before Vivian is a drag orphan. She does not have a drag mother, she does not have a drag family, so when Vivian wants to go shopping for clothes or make up, who does that leave to accompany her? Little ole me, well not that little. 😉

That means Vivian is dragging me to the wig stores in the GHETTO,the big girl stores like Lane Bryant, Thrift Stores which I HATE, Jo Ann Fabrics, or Macy’s to visit the MAC counter.

Out of all of them Jo Ann Fabrics is the only one that does not bother me because I let Vivian shop through the clearance fabric, girl loves a deal, and I shop the baking supplies for Three Blind Mice Bakery.

Now the other ones I feel so uncomfortable in. I feel like everyone is staring at us which they aren’t. It is just a little weird to be at the MAC counter as Vivian, dressed as a boy, discusses what make up he has and asking for advice on what he should purchase. Now I will say the sale people at the MAC Counter are always fantastic.

In Lane Bryant I feel extremely strange especially when Viv, dressed as boy remember, is looking at Big Girl Lingerie. Yes Vivian has purchased some for numbers, NOTHING ELSE!!! Just wanted to make sure that was clear. Normally I try to sit up by the front of the store with all the straight husbands. If they only knew. ‘-)

The wig store isn’t too bad because I think by now they are used to men looking at wigs with all the Drag Queens who live in this city.

Thrift Stores I will never enjoy shopping at. I didn’t like go there before Vivian and I still don’t. They always make me feel so dirty, and not in a good way.

So if any one out there wants to be Vivian’s new co-pilot on these drag shopping trips, let me know. I would be more than happy to give up my spot to you.

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