Studio Prep Continues

Well Wonder Viv Studios prep continues. Vivian and I spent all weekend working in the studio and we still have a lot more work to do. However available finances are beginning to slow us down. Damn need for money. 😉

Friday night Vivian and I sanded the metal shelves for about two hours. Let me tell you it was HOT in there, 90 degrees + outside makes an old warehouse with no AC very hot inside. It felt like I sweated off 10 pounds, what a shame that couldn’t be true.

Then Saturday morning/afternoon we finished the sanding and began the painting of the shelves, white. Let me tell you Vivian is too damn picky. I kept saying “Remember it’s just a studio.” Vivian’s response “I know and when have you known me not to be a perfectionist”. The shelves do look good painted white, I just don’t know it was worth the time. All I know Vivian thinks so, hence why it was done. Remember it’s Vivian’s world and I just rent space in it.

Then yesterday morning before Softball we had to go over to the studio and finish up 4 shelves and do touch ups. This is when Vivian’s anal retentiveness came out. She literally took the paint roller from me a few times because I was not painting to her satisfaction. 😉

I was sort of okay with it because let me tell you I am a mess when it comes to painting. On Saturday I think I got more paint on me then I did on the shelves. LOL

Tonight we get to go over and install 4 more shelves and if I had to guess Vivian is going to insist on purchasing the paint for the wall behind the shelves. I made the mistake of mentioning it would probably be easier to paint that wall before we load the shelves, Silly me. 😉 Plus this little suggestion caused Vivian to want the outside of the Studio painted as well. Some times I really just need to keep my mouth shut.

Any one good with a paint brush? LOL

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  • Vivian

    Oh…my Mister Von B…he’s the funny guy. Now I will tell you that yes, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to painting. And the Mr. isn’t exaggerating about the mess he makes with paint….he had it in his hair, all over both hands, on his legs, his back, his arms….and let me tell you, that all occurred in the first 20 minutes. Now fast forward to Sunday morning….he was holding the paint roller tray and was looking away and promptly spilled it all over the floor….with a drippy trail back to the cardboard where the can was sitting.

    While he says I want the exterior wall painting, let me first tell you what HE wanted to do, which of course requires painting that wall. He wants a giant W V S for Wonder Viv Studios on the outside….I love the idea, but you can’t put that up on what is currently there, right?

    It really is looking good, and my creative juices are flowing almost as fast as the sweat from our brows when we’re over there working!

    Happy Monday all!