Busy Busy Von Bs

So this past weekend was CRAZY busy, but it so worth it. Friday night Vivian had the privilege of hosting an event called Gilly Garage, presented by Movement Activities. If you are not familiar with this group of individuals you really need to be. These amazing artists perform acts that I would never have the […]

Year end ramblings of a Queen…

Well it’s that time again, already. Reflecting on 2011 while looking forward to 2012! 2011 was a busy year for the Von Brokenhymens. We picked out a studio space in the frozen, icy wasteland that was 400 West Rich Street. We finally moved in the end of June and let me say it was well […]

The Newest Vivette

So Vivian has a new Vivette: Viktor the Raccoon, yes you are reading that correctly. We were over at Wonder Viv Studio last night so Vivian could do some sewing for her upcoming show at Trafik this Friday, Bearded 80’s Ladies Show (shameless plug), and what do we see when we look up at the […]

Fear Hundred

  Okay my Vivettes on October 22 nd 400 West Rich St is turning into Fear Hundred, a Haunted Party. This is an event you don’t want to miss, from 3 – 7 pm the event will be Family Friendly and then from 8 pm – ? it will be Adult. There are several local […]

Open For Business

ATTENION LADIES and well LADIES….LOL Wonder Viv Studio is officially open for business. So if you are looking for some dresses, skirts, or hair contact Miss Vivian Von Brokenhymen and see what she may be able to do for you. Now if you are looking for a Pageant Gown, Vivian is not the person to contact, […]

WVS – Progress

Hi there my Vivettes. How have you been? Mr. Von B has bee away for about a week because Vivian was out of town for a week and without Vivian there is nothing to blog about. Well Vivian is back and work on Wonder Viv Studio is moving full speed ahead. Saturday afternoon we went […]