So this past weekend we drove down to Kentucky to pick up costumes for Vivian Friday night and on Saturday all the trips to KY, all the money, all the frustration, all the time and energy FINALLY paid off. You see the Vivian I get the see every day, the one that can give any […]

Pink Black and Sage Weekend

I missed 4 days of diary entries, my apologies but the Von Bs were busy painting Columbus Pink, Black, and Sage (the colors of Wonder Viv Studio) this past weekend. The weekend started Friday night with the Miller/Coors bar crawl. We started after work and didn’t finish till about 1 am. Was so much fun […]

Event Calendar Updated

Hey there my Vivettes be sure to head over to the Event Calendar and check out all the newly added shows. There are shows by: Hellin Bedd Nina West Virginia West Cassandra Terrace Britney Blaire Also shows featuring performers from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Some of these shows Vivian is even performing in. So make sure to […]


So my Vivettes I have coined another word: Vivzilla. Think Godzilla but as a Drag Queen….lol. If I keep this up I’ll need to write Vivtionary, lol, for all my words I used to describe Vivian. So let me back up and explain how Vivzilla came up. Last night Vivian was working on her new […]

Wonder Viv Episode 6

Backstage at Axis Night Club Wonder Viv turned the transmitter off and turned to Mr. Von B. “Well were the boys successful?” Mr. Von B asked. “For the most part, they stopped who or what broke into CDMA and none of the mutants were released. However they got away and I’m not sure Director Monke […]

Final Countdown

Well tonight’s the night, Vivian is making her debut in Stadium Virginium at Axis Night Club. If you don’t know what Stadium Virginium is, it’s Virginia West’s Rock Extravaganza Drag Show. If you weren’t planning on attending let me run down a few reasons why you should: • THE MUSIC –Rock hits from the 70s, […]