NO MORE!!!!!

Today, July 15 2015, Republican Senators told LGBT kids their lives don’t have any worth by killing an Anti-Bullying Bill that would provide them with much needed protection. For those of you who may feel bullying is just a part of life, kids will grow out of it, or there are no lasting affects. I […]

Art + Drag for Michael

On May 30th Circus Restaurant & Bar is hosting a fund raiser for Michael Morones, the 11 year old My Little Pony who was bullied for his love of the show. If you would like to purchase tickets or donate to the cause please visit this link. Only working together can we put an end […]


Do things really get better or do they just change? That is the question I have been asking myself lately. For some of us things didn’t really get better as much as things just change. As I read stories of individuals that were bullied when they were younger, I can relate, as I was bullied […]