Drag, Drag and More Drag!!!

Good morning my Vivettes, guess what my weekend will contain? If you guessed Drag you are correct and you win the prize. Not sure you want the prize though. The prize is to be Vivian’s dresser for this weekend. 😉 I told you, you wouldn’t want it. LOL So tonight Vivian is performing At Large and […]

Sunday Night

Sorry for not posting yesterday my Vivettes but Mr Von B was tired and just needed a me day. So Sunday Night was Britney Blaire Presents: Vanity at Wall Street Night Club, Miss Blaire’s first production show, and it was a great show. Every girl and guy rocked out their numbers and gave it their […]

Congratulations/Break A Heel

Okay the Von Brokenhymens would like to send out some Congratulations and Well Wishes to some friends. First to Cassandra Terrance, congratulations on being 1st Alternate Miss Ohio USofA At Large. You looked amazing and your talent was FANTASTIC!!!! You done good GURL!!!!!!! Another congratulations to Mr. Johnathan Thacker for another success pageant (USofA At […]

SST Song Selection

Okay my Vivettes, the song selection for Star Spangled Tranny have been chosen. YEA!!!!! I think we choose two really good songs for this show. Both in my opinion represent the theme very well. My part is now finished, unless of course Vivian decides one or both need mixed some. I’m honestly thinking of playing with […]

Night Before

Hi there my Vivettes it’s Saturday night before Kiley Dash Presents…..MadHouse and guess what Vivian is doing? If you guessed sewing, you are 100  % correct. I guess all the progress Viv was making with not waiting to the last minutes escaped her for this show. Actually that is not entirely true. Vivian has actually […]

Miss Bat-N-Rogue 2011

Okay my Vivettes, tonight is Miss Bat-N-Rogue 2011 at Axis Night Club, doors at 7pm show at 8pm (Drag Time…lol). The line up is incredible!!!!!! Vivian will performing along with the one and only Nina West, Virginia West,  Maria Garrison, Anisa Love, Freesia http://diaryofadragqueenhusband.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=916&action=edit&message=6Balls, Alexis Stevens, Sonya Ross, Kari Kerning, Sable Coate, Chutney Sinclair, Freeta […]