I’m thrilled to announce that Vivian has sold out all the tables and rails in the downstairs bar at Wall Street Night. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a table for One Queen Two Queen Red Queen Blue Queen, March 11 8 pm. If you haven’t purchased a table and want to come see […]

Show week

Well today is show week and Vivian and her cast will be at rehearsal all week. This means I will see very little of Vivian. ;-( I can happily report though that sets are completely finished. I did however run into one little bit of a snag. As I was building the sets I forgot […]

So Long 2011

So the end of 2011 is fast approaching and Mr. Von B could not be happier about it. I’m not going to say 2011 was a bad year but I can’t really say it was a banner year either. On the plus side Vivian performed almost monthly through 2011. On the negative side Vivian performed […]


Viv Inc Productions is very proud to announce the cast for its first production show: One Queen Two Queen Red Queen Blue Queen, a Seuss inspired drag show.  Now the cast:  Regan Addison Britney Blaire BoBo DeMontreal Brent Fabian Anna Mation Cassandra Terrace Drew Terrace CocoVanouver The Dancing Vivettes: Chris, Corey, Ryan and Scotty  Special […]


Okay my Vivettes, Friday night is the Night!!! Vivian Von Brokenhymen is making her Cincinnati Debut!!! That’s right Vivian is so big one City is not enough for her…take that however you want. 😉 So why not come on down and cheer on your favorite girl. Show starts at 11 pm. Vivian will be debuting […]

Weekend of DRAG!!!!

Dear Diary, I will have to say one down fall of being married to a drag queen are the weekends of drag I have to endure from time to time. This past weekend was one of them. Thursday night was The Cabaret in Cincinnati with Penny Tration. The space was amazing and the performers were […]