Drag Brunch

The Three Ring Drag Brunch has a new name and venue. With the closing of Circus The Three Ring Drag Brunch is moving to Wall Street Night Club and will now be known as the Three Queen Drag Brunch. Vivian and I are extremely excited about this next phase of the Drag Brunch. As much […]

Another Dragnado Survived

So my Vivettes, I survived the latest Dragnado that hit the Von Bs this past weekend. It started Thursday night when Vivian kicked off her newest show: The Friday Eve Show at Circus. This was subtitled The Siamese Twin Edition because her “twin” Hellin’ Bedd joined her in the fun. Being that Thursday was also […]

Dragnado Strikes Again

My apologies my Vivettes for the delay in this entry but the Dragnado, which hit the Von Bs of the past weekend was a strong one and completely kicked my butt yesterday. I didn’t have the energy to compose a diary entry. So over the past weekend not only was Vivian in drag all 3 days […]

Vivian’s Birthday Weekend

So this past weekend wasn’t even my birthday but it took me all of yesterday to recuperate from it…..lol. The weekend started off Friday evening when I posted my proposal via HuffPost Gay Voices and she said YES!!!! Then we went to dinner and saw Captain America: The Winter Solider. If you like Marvel movies […]

Stoning Station

So if you follow Vivian and her Vivianisms on Facebook you know she likes, no LOVES any thing shiny i.e. fabric and jewelry. Even if the fabric already has a shine to it, she wants it shine even more. To accomplish this means stoning the hell out of it. For those not familiar with what […]