So the 2012 Softball Season Officially ended yesterday and for some reason I can’t find the right words to express what this season meant to me. This was my second season playing with the Renegades and I have to say for me it was the best!!!! We moved up to C Division and finished […]

3rd Annual Night of 100 Drag Queens

Okay my Vivettes it’s that time of year again. It’s time for A Night of 100 Drag Queens. So if you enjoy softball and  you enjoy drag this is the night for you. You will see 100 Drag Queens, some that perform frequently and some only for this night and this night only, take the […]

Drag Queens are EVIL!!!!

Drag Queens are EVIL!!!! Okay not all of them just two particular ones: Nina West and Vivian Von Brokenhymen. You may be asking yourselves why would I say my two favorite drag queens are evil, well let me explain. If you live in Columbus Ohio you are familiar with everyone’s favorite pride event Bat-n-Rouge. If […]

Year end ramblings of a Queen…

Well it’s that time again, already. Reflecting on 2011 while looking forward to 2012! 2011 was a busy year for the Von Brokenhymens. We picked out a studio space in the frozen, icy wasteland that was 400 West Rich Street. We finally moved in the end of June and let me say it was well […]

Drag, Drag and More Drag!!!

Good morning my Vivettes, guess what my weekend will contain? If you guessed Drag you are correct and you win the prize. Not sure you want the prize though. The prize is to be Vivian’s dresser for this weekend. 😉 I told you, you wouldn’t want it. LOL So tonight Vivian is performing At Large and […]

Letting it go….FINALLY

So it’s been 5 months since my life became full of anger and negativity. The event that caused this is not important, I was just as equally wrong as the other involved parties. Did the other parties involved offer an olive branch? Yes they did. Did I accept? No, it was too soon for me. I […]

Drag and Softball

So this past weekend was a Drag and Softball filled weekend. Yours truly played in the CLGSA Tournament this weekend with the Renegades and Vivian performed in Selena Terrance’s Wall Street Show last night. The Renegades finished first for the Season and Second in the Tournament. Way to GO!!! Vivian performances last night were VERY […]

Come On Out

Okay my Vivettes, Mr. Von B needs your help. I need you to come on out to a benefit for a friend, Sammy Schisler, tonight. Doesn’t matter if you know Sammy or not, he does so much for the CLGSA and our community and now he needs our help. The show is at Axis night […]


Good Morning My Vivettes, My apologies for being away from you all weekend, but Mr. Von B had an extremely busy weekend. There was Vivian’s performance in Miss Bat-N-Rogue on Friday night. Saturday consisted of baking and decorating 125 cupcakes for Three Blind Mice Bakery and then Viv and I attended Virginia West’s birthday bash […]