The Queens & Weiners Show

Well tonight The Trio of Trouble (Hellin Bedd, Samantha Rollins & Vivian Von) is brining Drag back to the West Side of Columbus.  We are debuting what we hope will be the first of a monthly Drag Show at Dirty Frank’s West. Dirty Frank’s hosted a benefit show back in September of 2014 for PetPromise […]


The CDMA SUVs approached the address Alfred provided of Wonder Viv’s last location. “I want all agents prepared and ready. Give me a perimeter around the entire location. No one or nothing gets in or out until we have Wonder Viv and the Ape Creature in custody.”  Director Monke directed his agents over the com […]


Director Monke arrived in the Short North to see buildings damaged, people injured and scared. The area looked like a war zone and the Director had no idea how he was going to cover this up. Until this point all the mutant attacks have been in isolated areas. It was easy for the CDMA to […]


Webster defines Originality as “the ability to think and act independently.” This is a trait I feel is extremely important to the art of drag and one I can proudly say Vivian possesses. Vivian’s originality is seen in her extreme figure, her costumes, her performances and how she approaches drag as an art form. Now […]