Fitting In

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? That quote from Dr. Seuss is one I understand all too well. You see my Vivettes I don’t fit in and because I don’t, I stand out, and not in a good way. Now I’m sure some of you may be scratching your head wondering […]

One Queen Two Queen Red Queen Blue Queen – Vivian

A note from Vivian: It’s not quite a full 24 hours after, but I wanted to capture my thoughts before they get lost in the days to come. First of all, thanks to my awesome cast!  My vision for this show 6 months ago was brought to life exactly as I had hoped!  Cassie, Drew, […]


I’m thrilled to announce that Vivian has sold out all the tables and rails in the downstairs bar at Wall Street Night. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a table for One Queen Two Queen Red Queen Blue Queen, March 11 8 pm. If you haven’t purchased a table and want to come see […]

Show week

Well today is show week and Vivian and her cast will be at rehearsal all week. This means I will see very little of Vivian. ;-( I can happily report though that sets are completely finished. I did however run into one little bit of a snag. As I was building the sets I forgot […]

Happy Birthday

So today is March 2nd and it’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday, that is the reason Vivian’s first main stage show is Dr. Seuss themed. You see we wanted something was fun, fabulous and most importantly hadn’t been done before. When you live in Columbus, OH the later is not easy. So we started looking at what Holidays were in […]

1Q Ramblings…..

As 2011 is being wrapped up I’m looking ahead to 2012 with great excitement!  I headline my first ever show.   “One Queen, Two Queen, Red Queen, Blue Queen”,   Sunday, March 11th at Wall Street Nightclub, (doors at 7:00, show starts promptly at 8:00)  Tables are on sale now so let me or a cast member […]


Well it’s has been very quiet in the House of Brokenhymen as you can tell from the lack of diary entries. Some of that changed over the weekend. Vivian was given a mannequin for her Jabber Jaw costume by a friend (Thank you Mr. DeMontreal), so she spent some time at Wonder Viv Studio yesterday […]