It’s been a while

So it’s been a while since I have updated the diary on any regular basis and I have to say I have missed it. Part of me felt it just wasn’t needed any more because for the lack of a better word Vivian has found some moderate success with 2 monthly shows, but then I […]


So last night was laundry day for the Von Bs. Yes I know that isn’t too exciting and I would have to agree. It’s a chore I’m sure most people do not enjoy, yours truly being one of them. I will say that one piece that still, even after almost 5 years that strikes me […]

The Affects of Bullying

At the end of this month the Von Bs are joining forces with several friends and businesses for an event to benefit Michael Morones, the 11 year old My Little Pony fan who was bullied so severely he attempted suicide. More on the event in a later post, however all the planning over the last […]

New Species

Good Day my Vivettes, Today we are going to go on safari on the continent of Drag-frica to hunt a new rare species, The Drag Husband. This species is very difficult to find and their numbers are small. They rarely are away from their mate the Drag Queen. They like to stand in the back […]

Drag Husband Survival Guide

So I have told you what I learned being married to a Drag Queen and also debunked 10 myths about Drag Queens. All that got me thinking I should write a survival guide for any current or future Drag Husband. Think of me as your Drag Husband Jedi. Every good Jedi has a master though, […]