‘Frozen’ by Fear and Intolerance

So on Tuesday February 18th, Huffington Post ran a story with the headlines “Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Slammed By Mormon Grandmother For ‘Gay Agenda To Normalize Homosexuality’”. With a title like that how could I not read the piece? After reading the piece and some of the blog quotes I was confused. So I decided I should […]

Celebrating Gay Pride

Gay Pride is about celebrating; celebrating everything we have accomplished. Everything we still have to accomplish. Most importantly it’s about celebrating who we are. Not as gay individuals but as individuals. Now that may sound odd to some. Its gay pride why not celebrate being gay? Quite simply put, because we are so much more […]

Love is Love

I don’t understand why being gay or marriage equality is even news worthy. Go to any newspaper or news site and you can find at least one story that is gay related, daily. Trust me I tell you none of our lives are that interesting. Some our lives may be different than what others would […]


Do things really get better or do they just change? That is the question I have been asking myself lately. For some of us things didn’t really get better as much as things just change. As I read stories of individuals that were bullied when they were younger, I can relate, as I was bullied […]