Good Bye Drag Orphan

The word family is used quite often in the gay community and even more in the drag community. There are many different reasons for that but I would say the largest reason would be a sense of belonging with those you connect with. Whether one’s family is blood or chosen; having people you connect with […]


When you are Italian it goes without saying that family means a lot. Yes I know with a name like Von Brokenhymen you would have ever guessed I was Italian… For me family is everything. It means always having each other’s back, always being there for one another. It means through the good and the […]

For Pugs

Pugs, I have to believe you are with dad watching over me, Vivian, and your brothers so I’m know you are aware of this but I felt I needed to write this. I still miss you. There isn’t a day that goes by that you aren’t mention or at least thought about. It has been […]

Square Pegs/ Round Holes

Cliché, perhaps, appropriate for the situation, most certainly. I guess you have to know a little more about Miss Vivian (yea, I’m talking ‘bout me in third person….cool, right?!?) and her past. She’s divorced. She was a devout protestant, sang in the church choir, Sunday morning worship team, Sunday night hymn sings, etc. She was […]