Celebrating Gay Pride

Gay Pride is about celebrating; celebrating everything we have accomplished. Everything we still have to accomplish. Most importantly it’s about celebrating who we are. Not as gay individuals but as individuals. Now that may sound odd to some. Its gay pride why not celebrate being gay? Quite simply put, because we are so much more […]


So my Vivettes I have coined another word: Vivzilla. Think Godzilla but as a Drag Queen….lol. If I keep this up I’ll need to write Vivtionary, lol, for all my words I used to describe Vivian. So let me back up and explain how Vivzilla came up. Last night Vivian was working on her new […]

Gay Pride, It’s Not Just A Month

  So Gay Pride in Columbus Ohio has come to an end and Gay Pride month will be ending in a little over a week. However that does not mean Gay Pride has to end. We need take the spirit of this past weekend and continue with through the rest of the year. Gay Pride […]

Gay Pride 2012

Well my Vivettes another Gay Pride has come and gone. So it’s time to recap the Weekend…..and boy what a weekend it was. For the Von Brokenhymens Gay Pride kicked off on Wednesday night at Virginia’s Top Shelf Wednesdays at Axis Night Club. Vivian performed a cameo during the show. It was literally a who’s […]

Gay Pride

Happy Pride my Vivettes, but what exactly does Gay Pride mean? I think that is a question we could all stop and ask ourselves this weekend as we are celebrating. I’ll start; Gay Pride to me means being proud of who I am, and I don’t just me my sexuality. I am for the most […]