One Million Vivettes

  Okay my Vivettes I want to form a group One Million Vivettes. Our mission will be the actively promote and support any company or organization One Million Moms targets. I have to be honest this group really bothers me, more so than others and I really don’t know why. Maybe it’s the fact that […]

Same Sex Marriage

A few friends posted this video on Facebook. Please watch, it gave me goose bumps. In my opinion it sums up the subject of same sex marriage beautifully. twitter: vonbrokenhymen

Come On Out

Okay my Vivettes, Mr. Von B needs your help. I need you to come on out to a benefit for a friend, Sammy Schisler, tonight. Doesn’t matter if you know Sammy or not, he does so much for the CLGSA and our community and now he needs our help. The show is at Axis night […]