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Hey there my faithful Vivettes, did you know Vivian made it into print. No, Miss Brokenhymen has not published her memoirs, not yet any way, she was interviewed by The Other Paper about One Queen Two Queen Red Queen Blue. If you haven’t had a chance to read the article check out this link. It’s […]


I’m thrilled to announce that Vivian has sold out all the tables and rails in the downstairs bar at Wall Street Night. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a table for One Queen Two Queen Red Queen Blue Queen, March 11 8 pm. If you haven’t purchased a table and want to come see […]


Viv Inc Productions is very proud to announce the cast for its first production show: One Queen Two Queen Red Queen Blue Queen, a Seuss inspired drag show.  Now the cast:  Regan Addison Britney Blaire BoBo DeMontreal Brent Fabian Anna Mation Cassandra Terrace Drew Terrace CocoVanouver The Dancing Vivettes: Chris, Corey, Ryan and Scotty  Special […]


So any one that reads the diary or knows me understands how much I enjoy shopping at Thrift Stores….NOT!!!! Well Saturday I had the privilege of experiencing the wonderful world of thrifting. Vivian and I had to run a few errands Saturday afternoon and I made the mistake of giving Vivian the keys to my […]


So remember last week when I said there was exciting news coming for Viv Inc? Well my Vivettes are you ready? Vivian Von Brokenhymen Presents:……………………………………………… March 11 th, 2012 at Wall Street Night Club. Yes Vivian is headlining her first show!!! Wall Street Night Club, Sunday March 11th 2012, so mark that date on your calendar. Trust […]