The CDMA SUVs approached the address Alfred provided of Wonder Viv’s last location. “I want all agents prepared and ready. Give me a perimeter around the entire location. No one or nothing gets in or out until we have Wonder Viv and the Ape Creature in custody.”  Director Monke directed his agents over the com […]


Director Monke arrived back at CDMA hoping Agent Utapa had a handle on the Short North situation. If not the Director did not know what he was going to do. Covering up an attack in the Short North during a gallery hop was not going to be easy. If Agent Utapa couldn’t create a believable […]

Gay Comics!!!!!

Well this was a big week in comics both DC Comics and Marvel Comics made the news in regard to gay characters. First we had DC announcing an iconic character not seen in the NEW 52 relaunch will be introduced as gay.  Then Marvel announced that Northstar one of their first gay characters will wed […]