3rd Annual Night of 100 Drag Queens

Okay my Vivettes it’s that time of year again. It’s time for A Night of 100 Drag Queens. So if you enjoy softball and  you enjoy drag this is the night for you. You will see 100 Drag Queens, some that perform frequently and some only for this night and this night only, take the […]

Drag, Drag and More Drag!!!

Good morning my Vivettes, guess what my weekend will contain? If you guessed Drag you are correct and you win the prize. Not sure you want the prize though. The prize is to be Vivian’s dresser for this weekend. 😉 I told you, you wouldn’t want it. LOL So tonight Vivian is performing At Large and […]

Night of 100 Drag Queens

Okay my Vivettes, Miss Vivian is once again performing in the CLGSA’s Night of 100 Drag Queens. Last year this event was a huge success, a ton of fun and raised money for the Gay Softball World Series.   This year will be no different.  All money raised this year will go to NOGLGSA (New Orlean Lesbian […]