Busy Busy Von Bs

So this past weekend was CRAZY busy, but it so worth it. Friday night Vivian had the privilege of hosting an event called Gilly Garage, presented by Movement Activities. If you are not familiar with this group of individuals you really need to be. These amazing artists perform acts that I would never have the […]

The Reach of the Dragopus

Last week the reach of the Dragopus was everywhere. It started on Tuesday afternoon/evening. We had to take an unexpected Von B-cation to KY to pick up some costumes. This Von B-cation wasn’t as relaxing as ones in the past. Partly due to this one being so unexpected but also because the Coconut Twins (Klaus […]


Webster defines Originality as “the ability to think and act independently.” This is a trait I feel is extremely important to the art of drag and one I can proudly say Vivian possesses. Vivian’s originality is seen in her extreme figure, her costumes, her performances and how she approaches drag as an art form. Now […]


I have to admit there are days; many days in fact, I want to hear Vivian say the following words “I think it’s time for me to hang up my heels.” There are days I spend day dreaming about how to celebrate Vivian’s retirement. It’s some thing I constantly tease Vivian about. However if truth […]