Fashion Rocks The Cure

So last night the Von Brokenhymens helped FUCK CANCER.  Get your minds out of the gutters you pervs. Last night Vivian along with fellow Drag Diva Paige Passion hosted Columbus Rocks the Cure Presents Fashion Rocks the Cure. It was fund raiser for breast cancer research. It was an amazing event and a fantastic time. […]


This Saturday night is Fashion Rocks The Cure 8pm at Outland Live, 95 Liberty Street in the Brewery District. If you are not familiar with this event please read this article. This event as something for everyone; Rock n Roll, Fashion, Drag Queens and most importantly spreading awareness of breast cancer. My favorite girl Vivian […]

Weekend ramblings from a Queen…

Here’s my weekend in review.  It was to be a busy one, the Long Island Christmas Show, hosted by Nina West, with Freesia Balls, Stephanie Sexton and the lovely Shauna Robix…and me!   I really do love to entertain and usually always have a blast when I’m on stage.  That being said I’ve had some horrendous […]

Drag, Drag and More Drag!!!

Good morning my Vivettes, guess what my weekend will contain? If you guessed Drag you are correct and you win the prize. Not sure you want the prize though. The prize is to be Vivian’s dresser for this weekend. 😉 I told you, you wouldn’t want it. LOL So tonight Vivian is performing At Large and […]

USofA Newcomer-Congratulations

Vivian and I would like to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS out to Miss Selena Terrace. She is your Ohio US of A Newcomer winner. This competition was fierce it went for 5 hours yes you read that correctly, 5 hours of drag. Now I’m sure you all know that after 2 Mr. Von B was ready […]