Jeff emerged from the locker room sans his Wonder Viv persona to find Mr. Von B no where to be seen. All he saw were Luki, Klaus and Pugsley lying by the monitors. “Hey boys, where did daddy go?” He asked. He was almost positive they all understood what he asked because it seemed to […]


Rambo Pugs and the Coconut Twins took off down the corridor after the cloaked figured. Director Monke was prepared for Wonder Viv to come through the destroyed entrance, however she didn’t. “Get me eyes on the holding cages. I need to see what the hell is going on.” Monke yelled to the agents in OPS. […]

Wonder Viv Episode 4

Director Monke was sitting at his desk when he heard the alarm. INTRUDER ALERT!!! INTRUDER ALERT!!!!! You have got to be kidding me who even knows about this facility? Director Monke thought to himself as he grabbed his pistol from his desk drawer and headed towards OPS. This can’t be happening on top of everything […]

Wonder Viv Episode 3

When Wonder Viv and Rambo Pugs walked into the Wonder Lair under Wonder Viv Studio, Mr. Von B and the Coconut Twins were there monitoring the Viv Cameras. Mr. Von B turned to Wonder Viv with that annoyed look on his face and asked “Another mutant attack?” Wonder Viv looked and him and replied “Yes […]