The Year of the Phoenix

I can’t believe after months of planning The Year of Phoenix will be here tomorrow. What started as a simple conversation between Vivian, Paul, and me has grown into a celebration like nothing Columbus has seen before. Not only do we have several local entertainers and groups performing: Britney Blaire, Deva Station, Hellin Bedd, Bettie […]

Return of the Dranado

So the Von Bs were once again hit by a Dragnado this past weekend and it was a big one. Friday night the winds of the Dragnado began when Vivian had the privilege of joining Hellin’Bedd, Ashley Ausitn Ferrah, and Jayla Cruz at Southbend Tavern. I have said it before and I will say it […]

Event Calendar Updated

Hey there my Vivettes be sure to head over to the Event Calendar and check out all the newly added shows. There are shows by: Hellin Bedd Nina West Virginia West Cassandra Terrace Britney Blaire Also shows featuring performers from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Some of these shows Vivian is even performing in. So make sure to […]

10 things I learned being married to a drag queen

When Jeff decided 3.5 years ago to start performing in Drag I never thought there would be so much to learn as a drag husband. It’s not like there is a manual. There really should be. So that got me thinking what have I learned in the last 3.5 years being married to a Drag […]