Weekend ramblings from a Queen…

Here’s my weekend in review.  It was to be a busy one, the Long Island Christmas Show, hosted by Nina West, with Freesia Balls, Stephanie Sexton and the lovely Shauna Robix…and me!   I really do love to entertain and usually always have a blast when I’m on stage.  That being said I’ve had some horrendous […]

Bearded 80s

So Friday Night’s Bearded 80s Ladies Show was a Blast!!!! Vivian looked amazing and I have to say to was the most relaxed I have ever seen her. I could really see that she was enjoying herself and just having fun. I have to be honest I was a little surprised by this. Not because […]

Miss Bat-N-Rogue 2011

Okay my Vivettes, tonight is Miss Bat-N-Rogue 2011 at Axis Night Club, doors at 7pm show at 8pm (Drag Time…lol). The line up is incredible!!!!!! Vivian will performing along with the one and only Nina West, Virginia West,  Maria Garrison, Anisa Love, Freesia http://diaryofadragqueenhusband.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=916&action=edit&message=6Balls, Alexis Stevens, Sonya Ross, Kari Kerning, Sable Coate, Chutney Sinclair, Freeta […]