Hard to Believe

It’s hard to believe that Bearvillities is 2 months away. When the planning first began it felt so far away. Our we done with the planning? Yes we are. Are we done will all the prep work? HELL NO. If you follow the diary with any consistency you know Vivian won’t be done with her […]

What a difference

It’s amazing what a difference a year can make. ¬†This time last year was Vivian’s first performance, when she competed in Miss Havana 2010. I can remember that night like it was yesterday. Vivian was running around in the afternoon making last minute purchases and didn’t finish her sewing. So when I got home from […]


I hope you all know what this coming Friday is. It’s MISS HAVANA 2011 and I’m expecting to see¬† you all there cheering on my # 1 girl VIVIAN!!!! Now in true Vivian fashion the performance is 4 days away and she is not 100 % ready. You would think a year into drag that […]

2010 Thank Yous

So I have done a recap of 2010 and thanked some people but I wanted to do a separate post and thank even more. These thank yous are listed in no particular order except for Vivian. Vivian – Words can not express how much I love you and what you have done for me. January […]