14 Years

It doesn’t seem possible but Jan 1 was the Von B’s 14 year anniversary. I also realized that Vivian has been a part of our lives for half of that time. That especially does not seem possible. After 14 years there is nothing I would change. Okay that isn’t true. If there was one thing I […]

Weekend of Equality

Yea I know this recap is a day or two late and I apologize my Vivettes but  between work, Vivian, the Coconut Twins, and Dragscaping the yard; time has been getting away from me extremely quickly. Not only was this past weekend a historical one with Marriage Equality becoming the law of the land but […]

The Vivirus

As any Vivette knows who reads the diary on a regular basis, Viv Inc and everything Vivian is stored at Wonder Viv Studio at 400 West Rich. We rented this space when Vivian started taking over the house like a Vivirus. viv ī-rəs Well guess what the Vivirus is back and once again taking over […]

Grass Is Greener

Why do we always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? That is the question I have been thinking about since the weekend. We always seem to want we don’t have and we don’t appreciate what we do have. I’m as guilty as this as the next person. I truly […]


So this past weekend Vivian and I spent the weekend working on our house. The Von Bs own an old Victorian house in Old Towne East in Columbus Ohio. If you aren’t familiar with this area I suggest checking it out it has some gorgeous homes. Our home is 120 years old and Vivian and […]

This Vivian

The other day Vivian and I were watching VH-1’s Top 100 Songs of the 90s and I looked over at Vivian and there she was, performing to almost every song that was being counted down. This Vivian I have the privilege of seeing every day. This Vivian is the reason I’m okay with spending a […]