Movie Star Weekend

Well my Vivettes, it has been some time since the Von Bs have had a Drag filled weeked like this past one. We started the night out on Friday night with taking in Virginia West’s latest production: Stadium Virginiaum: The Return at Axis Nightclub. It has been about a year since we have taken in […]

The Weekend of OUCH

So this past weekend was a quasi no drag weekend. I say quasi because there was one drag related activity which took place. That activity was rehearsal for Vivian’s number in Deva Station’s Movie Star show this coming weekend at Wall Street Night Club. Yes my Vivettes you read that correctly Vivian rehearsed. I know […]

The Year of the Phoenix

I can’t believe after months of planning The Year of Phoenix will be here tomorrow. What started as a simple conversation between Vivian, Paul, and me has grown into a celebration like nothing Columbus has seen before. Not only do we have several local entertainers and groups performing: Britney Blaire, Deva Station, Hellin Bedd, Bettie […]

Drag Brunch

The Three Ring Drag Brunch has a new name and venue. With the closing of Circus The Three Ring Drag Brunch is moving to Wall Street Night Club and will now be known as the Three Queen Drag Brunch. Vivian and I are extremely excited about this next phase of the Drag Brunch. As much […]

Dragnado Strikes Again

My apologies my Vivettes for the delay in this entry but the Dragnado, which hit the Von Bs of the past weekend was a strong one and completely kicked my butt yesterday. I didn’t have the energy to compose a diary entry. So over the past weekend not only was Vivian in drag all 3 days […]

Busy Busy Von Bs

So this past weekend was CRAZY busy, but it so worth it. Friday night Vivian had the privilege of hosting an event called Gilly Garage, presented by Movement Activities. If you are not familiar with this group of individuals you really need to be. These amazing artists perform acts that I would never have the […]

Pink Black and Sage Weekend

I missed 4 days of diary entries, my apologies but the Von Bs were busy painting Columbus Pink, Black, and Sage (the colors of Wonder Viv Studio) this past weekend. The weekend started Friday night with the Miller/Coors bar crawl. We started after work and didn’t finish till about 1 am. Was so much fun […]

Event Calendar Updated

Hey there my Vivettes, I just updated the event calendar with upcoming shows and appearances by Vivian and Vivian’s friends. Be sure to check it out. This coming Saturday night, Feb 23 at Wall Street Night Club our friends The Royal Renegades present their annual February Show. The theme this year is Break Ups and […]