First Customer

Well my Vivettes, Wonder Viv Studio has had its first costumer, YEA!!! Miss Vivian is currently working on a dress for a customer and it looks amazing in my humble drag queen husband opinion.  Vivian started on the dress last week and has the final fitting tonight. Stay tuned for an update on tomorrow on […]

Open For Business

ATTENION LADIES and well LADIES….LOL Wonder Viv Studio is officially open for business. So if you are looking for some dresses, skirts, or hair contact Miss Vivian Von Brokenhymen and see what she may be able to do for you. Now if you are looking for a Pageant Gown, Vivian is not the person to contact, […]

Another New Role

So Vivian has given yours truly another role. Before I announce that role let’s review what Mr. Von B’s roles are to date: Manager PR Dresser GoPher CFO – that one Vivian does not like # 1 Fan And my Vivettes the newest and latest role: Wig Stand Holder Now some of you may be […]