It’s official my Vivettes, Vivian is trying to KILL ME!!!!! We spent 6.5 hours over at Wonder Viv Studios today; painting, cutting wood and organizing. I’m so tired it’s not even funny. I cut down 20 2 x 4s to fit the shelves. I will say it was made so much easier with the chop […]

Viv Inc

So Viv Inc is the entity that controls every thing Vivian Von Brokenhymen. This not only covers costuming, wigs and performances for Vivian but others as well. Meaning make an appointment to meet Vivian in the new Wonder Viv Studios and she’ll be more than happy to see what she can create for. I have […]


Well Wednesday night Wonder Viv Studios lost its Virginity. Vivian and the cast of Vanity rehearsed the opening number in the space. Over all I think everything went pretty well. The space worked out nicely, only downfall I can see is when it’s HOT outside its HOT in studio. Those girls were sweating their buts […]

Wonder Viv Studios!!!!!

Okay Vivettes the first official pics of Wonder Viv Studios. Look for more pictures as we organize and design it. Move in party coming soon.           Twitter: vonbrokenhymen

Killing Me

So Vivian is killing me with Wonder Viv Studios. She is so excited that she is almost none stop with moving stuff in. We made 3 trips (2 cars) on Wed and another trip (2 cars) last night. Only reason we didn’t make more trip lasts night was because I was complaining and we had […]

Busy Busy Busy Busy

Well July is going to be an extremely busy month for Viv Inc. Not only will we be moving into the new Wonder Viv Studios, Vivian will be preparing for two shows in August at Wall Street Night: August 7, 2011 Britney Blaire presents “Vanity” 9 pm. August 21, 2011 Selena Terrance presents “Poor Little […]

Today is the DAY!!!

FINALLY!!!! Vivian is picking up the keys to Wonder Viv Studios this afternoon. Do you know what that means. I get my house back. YEA…doing the happy dance. It’s been a long time coming but it will be worth it once we are all moved in. Vivian will have some place to rehearse and store […]