The First Appearance/Performance – Part 1

So even though Bearvillities was when Miss Vivian Von Brokenhymen was conceived. Her true birth was on 2 dates. Those dates being Oct 31, 2009 (Halloween Highball) and January 29, 2010 (Miss Havana). A 3 month birthing, what can I say Vivian is a big girl, she is over 7 feet tall in hair and heels.

Halloween Highball is a street party here in Columbus, Ohio celebrating Halloween. This was the first appearance of Miss Vivian Von Brokenhymen. Sadly I was not there to see this appearance. I was home in New Jersey for my dad’s funeral.

It was at this time that Miss Vivian hurt her foot. Some of you might think that that she did it walking in 4.5 inch heels. Nope, not at all she was walking barefoot. More on this topic later.

The next time Miss Vivian was out in public was January 29, 2010. She competed in the Miss Havana competition. This is a small pagaent that the fabulous Miss Nina West sponsors for new drag queens here in Columbus, Ohio.

For more on this night look for Part II.