The First Appearance/Performance Part II

So Miss Vivian’s first appearance was on Oct 31, 2009. Her first actual performance was on Jan 29, 2010 at Miss Havana in Columbus Ohio.

This performance was a last minute decision. The first performance was suppose to be at Bearvillities in April, but in January Vivian decided she want to compete in the Miss Havana Pageant. This is a small pageant that the AMAZING Nina West hosts and it is suppose to be comedic in nature. So Vivian felt she could have fun with it.

Now remember we have been purchasing items since the previous spring just for an occasion like this, a last minute performance. Well that really didn’t work out as plan we still had to purchase items for this performance.

I have to say our friends were kind of surprised that Vivian was going to compete in this. Even though they were surprised they were very supportive. Havana is one of the smaller bars in Columbus, Ohio and between the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus (Vivian sings in this), Fresh Meat Softball (my softball team) and various other friends we probably filled half the bar.

We had two weeks or so to get ready for this performance. So Vivian emailed our friends and asked for some ideas that could be funny.

With idea in had Vivian began making her outfit. Now during the pregnancy Vivian purchased a serger, which much to my surprise was a good thing. For this performance Vivian made a 2 skirts and a nude body suit. Vivian was going to be performing as a cocktail waitress to Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for her Money” with a reveal.

Now you would think with two weeks to prepare that the day of the show would be a breeze…WRONG!!!

We’ll cover the day of the show in Part III.

I have to keep who ever is reading this wanting more…LOL.