The Game of Drag

Good Morning My Vivettes, I’m going to start this entry by saying what follows is solely the opinion of Mr. Von B and in no way the opinion of Vivian.

I’m starting to feel Drag is a game, or politics, if you will. It’s not about how much you care about the art form or how much time or money you put into it, but more about who you know or to some degree how much ass you kiss. Now don’t misunderstand, just because you throw a lot of money into it, doesn’t mean you’re a performer.

Now before you start thinking that this is about Vivian, let me tell you it’s not. It comes from every thing I have seen in the last year and a half since Vivian has come into my life.

Are there performers that have earned and worked for what they have achieved. HELL YES there are. I would say those performers out weigh the ones that haven’t. However there are some, not many, that have seem to achieved what they have not by hard work, but by back stabbing and ass kissing. I don’t play that game and I never will.

These individuals will tell you one thing to your face, and then the moment you are gone say entirely different. They forget who has been there supporting them over their career and who hasn’t, and when it comes time for them to lend their support they are nowhere to be found.

There are individuals that just take take and take and never give back, but because they are fake no one sees it till it’s too late. They act like your friend but toss you aside whenever it’s convenient for them. The jealousies of these people are just as spiteful as their behavior.

I’m sorry if this offends anyone it’s not meant to. It’s about perspectives, and this is my perspective from where I’m sitting today and I just had to get this off my chest.

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