The Inner Drag Queen

So last night Vivian and I went to Virginia’s Top Shelf Wednesday at the new Axis Lounge, and once again I witnessed something that I have been noticing a lot of lately. I like to call it the Inner Drag Queen.

What is that you may ask? It’s when audience members, mainly gay men, but sometimes women, gay or straight, begin performing in the audience for the drag queen and/or fellow audience members. I find it extremely humorous. You are watching the show and all of a sudden an audience member starts dancing and singing to the song like all eyes are on them.

Now most of them stay where they are seated or standing, however there are ones where that is not enough for them and they have to dance up to the drag queen with dollar in mouth and begin to perform along with them. It just cracks me up.
All of sudden you have the queen performing and an audience member who is waving their hands and shaking their hips like they are part of the number. I find it very entertaining. I would never have the confidence to do that. I would be too afraid the queen would pull me up on stage.

You see this Inner Drag Queen shows up at every type of venue, small or large. I have seen it in Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton.

I have not seen any queen react poorly to this Inner Drag Queen. To be honest I would have to think that the majority of them enjoy it because it shows that their performance as moved that individual. I know Vivian is one of those queens. She feeds off the audience so the more the audience is into her number the better her number is. Plus Vivian loves to play with audience members and especially the Inner Drag Queen ones.

So for those of you with an Inner Drag Queen let her out just remember to always respect the Queen that is performing.