The Key

Okay my Vivettes the key to you seeing the Vivian I see every day at home has been discovered. That key is 4 shots of Fireball whiskey.

Last night was Club 20’s Wig-ging Out Wednesday Show and Vivian was a riot. She did things that I would have never guessed she would do in a million years.

Vivian started the night but coming out for her first song and lying on the pool table that was in the middle of the bar. Yes you are reading that correctly Vivian the 7 foot drag queen with an extreme figure laid on a pool table. Who would have thought? Not me that is for sure.

Then she continued the surprises by kneeling at the pool table and praying to a portable light up disco ball one of the patrons had with them. Something else I would have never guessed Vivian would do. No, not the disco ball praying but getting down on her knees in a steel-boned corset.

Now the surprises didn’t stop there Vivian was so funny on the mic and not just her type of funny….lol. No her banter with the other two rotating hosts, Samantha Rollins and Amaya Sexton was hilarious.

I think the biggest surprise was Vivian’s final number; she came out and went right for the pool table again. This time she tried to roll around on it. This didn’t quite work out like she was expecting, her wig came loose. So instead of fusing with her wig like she normally does, Vivian took her wig off and threw it over to me and ran around the bar taking peoples baseball caps and wearing them. Along with this she of course undressed a cute red head that she was flirting with all night with on the mic.

I have to say Vivian was in rare form and may have finally found her niche.

If you missed her last night you will have another chance on March 12, Vivian will be hosting the second Wednesday of each month.

The rotation for the hosts is:

Mari Jane will host the First Wednesday

Vivian will host the second Wednesday

Amaya Sexton will host the third Wednesday

Samantha Rollins will host the fourth Wednesday

Each Wednesday will feature the host and special guests.

Stay tuned for Vivian’s extremely special guest for May.

Club 20 is located at 20 E Duncan St Columbus Ohio 43202.