The Purple One

On April 21 the world lost a true musical genius, Prince, and to be honest a day later I still can not believe it. Any one that knows me knows that the only emotion I really show is anger. Some thing that I have┬ádocumented many times in the diary. So for me having Prince’s death affect me is odd, the last time a celebrity’s passing affected me was Whitney’s, but Princes is even more personal to me. Prince was an artist that I respected and admired. He didn’t follow any of the establish rules of music. Not only did he make his own but broke old ones. He not only pushed himself but all musicians. To me Prince was always leading the way and now that he is gone who will do that? Right now the answer to that question is no one. Even when Prince wasn’t on the charts he was making and releasing music that was ahead of its time or writing new rules.

For me Prince was an artist that was always true to himself. He did what he wanted how he wanted and he didn’t care if anyone else understood what he was doing. Prince made music for the love of music. That is something I feel every musician should but sadly once some don’t once they start making the big money. For Prince it was always about learning and in a way teaching. Since was always on the forefront of every genre of music is was teaching the other artists what they could do and sound like.

Prince broke down walls between not only genres, but race, gender and sexuality. In the beginning people didn’t know if Prince was gay or straight but it didn’t matter because his music transcended that. Prince worked with artists from the genres of country, rap, pop, rock you name it he didn’t care and neither did the artists that worked with him, because they knew Prince was going to bring out the best in them. Prince in my opinion truly showed music had the power to bring the world together. It’s a shame that our political and religious leaders can’t or won’t understand that.

Prince will never be forgotten because he was the first and only one of his kind, he was his royal badness, The Purple One and his music will live on through all of us.

R.I.P. Prince and thank you for sharing your talent with us.