The Reach of the Dragopus

Last week the reach of the Dragopus was everywhere. It started on Tuesday afternoon/evening. We had to take an unexpected Von B-cation to KY to pick up some costumes. This Von B-cation wasn’t as relaxing as ones in the past. Partly due to this one being so unexpected but also because the Coconut Twins (Klaus & Luki) were sick and we didn’t know if we should leave them for the ten hour trip. In the end the boys were fine after some medication from the Vet and we got everything we needed for Wednesday.
You see the trip was not planned because we didn’t know Vivian needed anything to the week before when Vivian was asked to be part of the Gateway Film Center’s Columbusland film series. The episode that she was asked to be part of was filmed on Wednesday and spoofed a classic episode of ‘I Love Lucy’. Vivian did not have a 50’s inspired piece so she quickly texted Patrick and he was able to do a piece for her but wouldn’t be able to get it finished in time to ship it up so we said we would go down to pick it up Tuesday evening. We were in and out in record time.
This brings us to Wednesday and the filming of the “I Love Nina” episode. Filming was to take place at 11 am and Vivian needed to be there at 9 am, which meant Vivian has to start painting at 7 am. Something she never had to do before. I will say it was interesting corseting Vivian and 9 o’clock in the morning, especially since I am not a morning person at all….lol. In the end though we did not fight and Vivian looked amazing.
Vivian said she had a great time filming the episode and it should be hilarious and can’t wait to see it when it comes out in January. I have no idea. I was in a separate room and did not get to see any of the filming. I can say I’m very excited for Vivian and can’t wait to see it. So be sure to look for Vivian’s “big silver screen debut” in January at the Gateway Film Center.
Before we knew it the weekend was upon us and we were off to a holiday parties, a birthday party, 3 drag shows and a photo shoot. At the holiday party a few people teased Vivian about being a celebrity now due to photos of the “I Love Nina” episode hitting Facebook Wednesday afternoon. I found this quite humorous because Vivian is the farthest thing from a celebrity in Columbus that you can get, but who am I to judge.
Saturday night was Nina & Virginia West’s Holiday Special. Once again they delivered another memorable show. After this we were off to another holiday part, a birthday party and another drag show. Saturday night was a little busy to say the least.
Sunday Vivian took part of a photo shoot for the January issue of Outlook. This issue is going to be their drag issue and Vivian was asked to be part of the ‘independent’ queen photo. This photo features queens that are not part of any established drag family, more on this in a later entry.
On Sunday evening we attend the Mary Ann Brandt Christmas Show with some friends and had a great time. Mary and her girls gave some extremely funny entertaining numbers.
So as you can see the reach of the Dragopus is always there whether Vivian is in face or not.