This Vivian

The other day Vivian and I were watching VH-1’s Top 100 Songs of the 90s and I looked over at Vivian and there she was, performing to almost every song that was being counted down. This Vivian I have the privilege of seeing every day. This Vivian is the reason I’m okay with spending a small fortune on costumes, wigs and jewelry. This Vivian, in my humble opinion, could give any Queen out there a run for their money. This Vivian I feel would win any pageant she entered. This Vivian is the one I keep saying “Where is this when you are on stage?”

The Vivian Columbus Ohio has seen is not the Vivian I see. The Vivian I see is larger than life she dances, she is relaxed, she is funny. (Shhh, don’t tell her I said she was funny….lol). The Vivian I get to see can be a giant goof ball one moment and the next a pure DIVA. This Vivian I want Columbus to finally see and know.

Now I’m sure some of you are saying to yourself “yea yea whatever that is just a husband’s love talking” and you are allowed your opinion. Just as I am allowed to say you are mistaken. I am and will always be Vivian’s biggest critic. So if you felt a performance was average trust me I probably felt it wasn’t very good and gave Vivian heck about it. I tell Vivian the absolute truth about her performances. That is the only way she can improve and finally allow the Vivian I know is there to come out.

I don’t know when this Vivian will finally have her coming out in public; however I have a feeling it will be sooner rather than later. During the last several performances Vivian have given, I have seen brief glimpses of this Vivian on stage and it excites me so much. It’s also a coming out I’m willing to wait for and to encourage because when it happens WATCH OUT. When this Vivian finally bursts out no one is going to know what hit them.

I feel everyone deserves to see this Vivian. She will make you laugh and feel good about yourself just like she does for me every day.